July, essentially the mostsome of the most stunning summer season in July, a sizzling season. Center of the proportion of willpower, within the sizeable wasteland, take heed to the breeze cool to inform, take heed to humans's irritability of the hustle and bustle, in addition to the excitement of panorama. Time is the farming season of the farmer, is a sweat watering season of lifestyles. Status up the frame, instantly backbone, shake off the mud of the earlier, erase the hearts of lonely lamentably, consistent tempo, you may think of the melody of this lifestyles, Consider the afterlife of the morning tune.

Northwest of July, little just like the South Water Village, even inside the wet season, there's not lots waterlogging.

This 12 months in July, it can be totally sizzling. I heard that during the traditional town of Xi'an, auto engine hide can ignite cigarettes, men and women dwelling inside the town, the outside tan layer of peeling, positioned about a eggs at the street, so the afternoon would be steamed cuisine. Air con fanatics all ineffective, all of them day issued a sorrow, are denounced the landlord, but additionally their vacation trips Qinghuan.

Although the host at this second, this is his face helpless. Even sitting nonetheless, the physique skinny and translucent feather yarn summer season, has been rainy inside the white dermis at the chest, blanketed with sticky feeling, just a little consider fresh. Crammed the streets, the younger guy off the again, all like a loach within the water, bare to the streets scurrying. Nevertheless the warmth insupportable, sitting in the home can assume, out of the blue from the street crossroads visitors lighting, drifting throughout several colourful clothes, to the city or how lots introduced to the creativeness of the gap, what number adult males's eyes, has realization Changed into coveted. (Article studying community: www.sanwen.internet )

July, resplendent, vivid and attention-grabbing, colourful. Checked out the celebs, bathtub breeze, less than the thick tree, benefit from the quiet night time and tranquil together, other folks such as the ones common and busy years of time.

In July the village, the block of terraced rice paddies, wheat fields were plowing stubble, corn is spit blush, the pumpkin has knotted pimple, oval orange fruit, above all outstanding, potato has been cooking, a refreshing potato silk , Refreshing and scrumptious, early pear tree branches have been fruit sagging, banana pear tree close the body spray, yellow marshal, purple marshal, pink celebrity and different summer season apples had been indexed, lower than the old, plum tree, enable summer time summer season naked ass toddlers They've trampled into playgrounds. Recognise the sound of the bushes at the susceptible reaction to a few or 5, has been the discharge of the irritability of the temper, midday grass and corn leaves, all bowed his head, no glossy, sunflower leaves wish to visit the bones. A rain, has been brewing inside the tree beneath the colour of the subject. Rain and rain, candy summer season rain Ze Run, have become the major topic of July endlessly.

That 12 months, immature younger blind to me, has been considering, for the daddy to proportion the load of the spouse and children. At the moment simply fifteen years antique, the tip of the examination, July summer time lengthy and hard days, individuals are very helpless. Hurry to accomplish the summer season homework, to aunt kinfolk play, little uncle by their residence within the Bay Bay woodland farm paintings kin, shriveled just a little woodland are living, in the house ditch mountain hoe. He wish to go back to the house a touch meager salary to subsidize the house. So I informed my aunt my options, I additionally wish to stick with my uncle to hoe timber. One within the mountains to the little uncle better half, one simply I additionally work flat out to benefit, to earn their very own lessons quotes, but additionally only for the daddy to proportion the commercial burden. Here's the most convenient of the two worlds. Aunt and uncle after discussing, referred to in the course of the wooded area in their family, so, our father and son, able to their very own hoe and dry cuisine, step into the valley of the wooded area edge, we started to settlement to the primary Paintings.

To Jiagou wooded area aspect, discovered within the east of the guru lake gully, the northwest path is the farm animals Fortress village, southeast is the second one bridge village, around the Binxian Linyou excursion Binlin street, southeast ditch, is the 5 generations of the 4 nations Feng Hui Cemetery, the overall subsequent to the cemetery is the pear pear aspect to Taiwan. To the trench within the east of the historian ditch, to the trench round, the whole Shaanxi West temple head of the state wooded area neighborhood, west is the base of the store water plant. Right here at the Banpo probably to acacia, Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus tabulaeformis, wooded area land to wooded area-elegant. At the moment, the village has now not moved to the village, the village north to the south, the river on either side of the desk are all plants, rivers from east to northwest path, and at last into the Yan River. Besides the fact that children the time remains domicile to the trench circumstance continues to be very primitive, however the Divine land, provided that there are persons dwelling in smoke, greater than a Reiki. So, once i became younger, even supposing the primary time to head out to paintings, yet nonetheless greatly like, arduous temperament intoxicated among the panorama.

Each day of work, always converting the hills. For comfort, I and the little uncle in the house in finding an acquaintance, residing inside the livestock feeding room, the morning, the bag from the house to deliver the corn bread, no kettle, the clinic striking drip bottle Wash smooth, (considering that salt water bottle is cooked glass, complicated to damage.) Installation a bottle of boiling water up the mountain started to hoe timber.

July morning, not up to ten o'clock, were scorching sizzling. Noticeably inside the woods to paintings, that's not breathable, and the woods in the trees, vines entangled, it really is demanding to head ahead, apart from the palms of the hoe, no selection, the best method to do best efforts to weeding, Give up of a wooded area, this is a victory, each and every hoe done a chunk of land, you could possibly drill out of the woods to relaxation.

At midday, the type of wooden inside the sizzling, insufferable. Paintings within the woods, take off dresses naked arm is not really sufficient, thorny shrubs will scratch the surface. Will likely be wearing outfits, lined with all rainy, sweat at the head, alongside the neck sink into the river, saved underground pass. Handiest the water after ingesting, or saved attempting to drink water, that handiest pass all the way down to the river canal to drink uncooked water, uncooked water to drink the tummy, has been felt swollen, can nevertheless need to drink unless the uncooked water diarrhea , Or problematical to quench their thirst, exhausting warmth settle down. Those are not anything, essentially the mostsome of the most anxious issue, than the method of labor, to fret approximately snakes stroll by. For the reason that long run no hint of the earlier, the wooded area is the snake paradise, wherein they may be the following, the solar is hot time, that you can pop out searching for meals, extraordinarily ferocious, provided that you disturb her good stuff, she's going to love you probably did now not speak about. Toxic snakes and animals, in our place of origin of the summer time, is the standard element. Occasionally, often times see a wild strawberries, wish to forestall thirst, yet recollect, toxic snakes greater than you're keen on the style of strawberries, so regardless of how fabulous fruit recreation, but additionally pay a cautious fee.

After all, the coloration of the summer time, and infrequently flew a collection of pheasants, whereas the air wings switch area, as soon as despatched to different companions to ship a sign from overseas enemies, now not established. Yulin of the slope of the shore, deciding upon crispy candy peach, select up a two nest wild eggs, it is vitally clean element. Birch hibiscus, papaya has been capable of choose to consume, and that crimson hibiscus, the extra the river canal, the greater candy the mountain edge. Remainder of the remainder of the paintings, inside the willow or yellow poplar tree, the u. s. and the u. s. to sleep, it's hearty dripping. Are not able to say that here's the town employees won't ever benefit from the blessing. That yr summer season trip, passing thieves quickly, labor in replace for hard earned cost, but in addition my lifestyles pot of gold. As soon as, but in addition for his or her personal exertions in trade for fruit, and satisfaction and satisfaction, conserving their very own earned fee to visit faculty experiences, my coronary heart won't be able to say, is a type of interior and lifelike.

Without notice appear lower back, using the ridge, gully, nonetheless vividly, really reproduce.

Essentially the most desirable, that may be, night paintings, marching sundown after your time inside the small river to take a bathtub, after which cross domicile. After dinner, we and fellow ditch oldsters, mutually inside the village to hear the villagers pull the fogeys brief. Even though being attentive to the circulation of the sound of the circulation, whilst inside the hard work to pay, chuffed to benefit from the desirable summer season night time to savor. All of the sudden after a burst of wind inside the ravine, thunder and lightning, heavy rain, along with dumping, but additionally approximately ten mins or so. After the hurricane, the moon continues to be brilliant and easy, the brink of the river, shrubs coloration shadow Yingchaochao, youth were slumbering inside the palms of the village, into the candy goals. Right this moment the mountain village, frogs one, can't help however employees will bring to mind Xin Qiji's Xijiang month. "evening line inside the sand Highway," a tie, "the moon isn't a surprise magpie, breeze middle of the night Ming cicadas rice plants acknowledged Fengnian, hearken to frogs Seven or 8 stars days external, two or 3 elements beforehand the rain.

In the present day the sensation is certainly one of those leisure, remorseful about is every little thing, became the recollections of the earlier. After which examine now, folks's lives emerge as prosperous, devour put on diploma, after which ways to say, but in addition larger than thirty-5 years in the past the scene. Summer season and summer season days, nor an excessive amount of heavy exertions, individuals are rough to suffer the warmth of struggling ... ...

Yearly a quick month in July, the blink of an eye fixed additionally left an afternoon or two, ruthless years rush, like flowing east.

July, lifestyles in July ah There are just a few interest burning in July, looking forward to me to reap, expecting me to get pleasure from, take pleasure in her smooth and fervour? Lifestyles in July, is the harvest of years of baptism, wind and snow typhoon adventure. Harvest a 12 months, or a life of fruit. Undertaking, recorded blood and agony. Stunning ambition, commitment of the mantle, chronic and no regrets, awe-inspiring righteousness. Blue sky, search for to the newness, are cheated his eyes, adolescents street, truly, very a long way. Joys and sorrows, what percentage nostalgia, mind and perseverance, interested in every part, tie off the endless experience of loss.

"The line is lengthy and Xiu Xi, I'll be up and down and quest." Younger has come to be the previous, mature interpretation of front. Whilst the foot of the street remains to be persisted. Battle, production, labor, crying, pleasure and different lifestyles ups and downs, make existence in July through a powerful check.

After the rain and rain, no matter if it can look inside the mountains of the pinnacle, wait for, and try to ... ...


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